Part #1: What's a Narcissist?

Part #2: How a Narcissist Develops
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Part #4: How to Solve Your Love Wounds Forever
In this video you will discover:
The Damage Narcissists Do
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Narcissistic personalities destroy the wellbeing of an Intuitive Sensitive Person

Narcissistic personalities erode our sense of self

Reduce us to nervous wrecks

They heavily criticise everything we do

We do everything possible to gain their approval yet it never seems enough

They take their rages out on us as though it’s entirely normal

Infact, we’ve been hurt so much we now say “I’m used to it”

Yet the narcissist gets to walk away with not as much as a glance backwards or even a sniff of remorse

Why is it most people don’t even notice if someone is a narcissist or they find it funny or endearing?

Or they say ...

“Well they’re never like that with me, don’t know what you’re talking about… Are you sure you’re not over reacting?”

So is it all part of our imagination?

Are we really just over sensitive?

Why do we attract this behaviour and how do you make it stop?

What do we need to do as an Intuitive Sensitive Person to recover?

How can we make sure it doesn’t happen again without having to become a recluse?

All of these areas you’ll discover in the FULL video course 

but first...

You need to know what a narcissist is

Which takes us onto the next subject…

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