How to successfully handle the narcissistic energy as an intuitive person
Written by Heidi Sawyer

  •  Whilst you think the narcissist has a hold over you, they do. 
  • It’s tough if you’ve grown up with one, you’re trained from an early age to believe them even though in your adult years you know better. You may have been trained through emotional unavailability, therefore your ‘love wound’ becomes emotionally unavailable partners. How do you release their hold? Think for a moment that you’re entitled to your own view. Imagine if you had your own view what you would do. You’ll be surprised how effective this is in releasing their grip however slowly. You’ll then start to see nice people as attractive rather than view them as boring. 
  •  You can’t give them the benefit of the doubt. 
  • Their very effective sob stories make it very tempting to give them a second, third, fourth…try. The hard truth is they’ll never change. Listen to their language it will never actually be an apology. You’ll hear a “Sorry you feel that way” or “I understand” but never anything more than that. Why? They believe it’s shameful to actually apologise, an apology in their eyes is weakness. Their default setting puts them back into manipulation, hurt and letting you down. Careful you’re not in love with their potential rather than what is.
  •  Look through their eyes in what they would do, not through your eyes of reason. 
  • When the narcissist behaves badly, instead of looking at how to reason with them (as you would do when faced with the same situation) look through their eyes as to what they’ll do. This takes you two steps ahead. Use your empathic skills for your own good. It is someone with empathy who can see from another’s perspective. Look out through their eyes you’ll see exactly what they’re up to. You’ll then stop wishing they were reasonable and accept the way they are.   
  •  Heal your love wound
  • If you worry you’re too hurt to ever be comfortable with commitment, then you have a whopper of a love wound. Love wounds are shaped by your very first idea of love, not romantic, just love. This is buried in your unconscious and controls the quality of your relationships.  The more unconscious the love wound, the more attractive you are to a narcissist

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About Author: Heidi Sawyer

Heidi Sawyer helps thousands of Intuitive-Sensitive People understand their intuitive perceptions, sensitivity and foundational experiences, she helps them rebuild their lives after chronic fatigue, extreme sensitivity and healing stored trauma. 

Heidi has extensive first-hand experience of malignant narcissism, and co-narcissism (narcissist’s co-dependent enabler) spending more than forty years trying to gain a volatile narcissist’s approval. This developed in her a highly accurate intuitive ability, incredible perceptiveness and instinctive skill beyond the five senses.

Heidi uses her skills to help her 5,000 clients and Lotus Expansion Members. Currently she provides services to 75,000 Intuitive-Sensitives in 121 countries. She is the author of Highly Intuitive People (Hay House).
This website is for you if you’re a kind, empathic person who feels you’ve been called “Too sensitive” through your life and now, at times, feel emotionally defensive when really you’re very approachable. 

You’ve grown up feeling too often, you’re the parent. You’ve had a life-time of dealing with other people’s drama and you’re very good at taking care of everyone’s needs but your own. 

You’re now tired of it all and need to know the ‘why?’ You’ve decided your priority is to heal your life of your history and you want to attract consistently positive, kind relationships of the authentic quality you yourself offer.
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