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Heidi Sawyer helps thousands of Intuitive-Sensitive People understand their intuitive perceptions, sensitivity and foundational experiences, she helps them rebuild their lives after chronic fatigue, extreme sensitivity and healing stored trauma.  
Heidi Sawyer, Hay House Author & Course Director
Healing Your Love Wounds
Heidi has extensive first-hand experience of malignant narcissism, and co-narcissism (narcissist’s co-dependent enabler) spending more than forty years trying to gain a volatile narcissist’s approval. This developed in her a highly accurate intuitive ability, incredible perceptiveness and instinctive skill beyond the five senses. 

Heidi uses her skills to help her 5,000 clients and Circle Members. Currently she provides services to 75,000 Intuitive-Sensitives in 121 countries. She is the author of Highly Intuitive People (Hay House). 
In this video discover:
The Damage Narcissists Do

How to handle a narcissist specific to your personality profile

Heal Your Life of Narcissistic Behaviour: How to Solve Your Love Wounds Forever
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